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The Funeral Diva®

D I V A - Distinguished, Intelligent, Versatile, Authentic




Muneerah N. Warner is a licensed funeral director & embalmer, insurance agent, authorized headstone dealer & author.


Muneerah has been featured on the Steve Harvey daytime talk show, the Food Network, the first African American woman to appear on the front cover of American Funeral Director magazine, The New York Times, the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper & more.


Muneerah's education includes graduating from Randolph Skill Center High School, where her trade was Health Related Technology. She attended Temple University for two years and graduated from Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science with a degree in funeral service & embalming. One year after her college graduation Muneerah completed her apprenticeship and received a funeral directors & embalmers license. 


Muneerah is also a mentor for women in several countries & a strong woman empowerment advocate. She leads with inspiration & motivation.

Muneerah now has twenty-five years’ experience in the funeral industry.


MUNEERAH: pronounced Muh-neer-uh

Meaning: brilliant, splendid, illuminating, enlightened.



Muneerah N. Warner, LFD, LE

LFD - Licensed Funeral Director

LE -Licensed Embalmer

Mailing Address 

P. O. Box 15304

Philadelphia, PA 19111

Philadelphia, PA

Office: 267-460-1114

24 Hours: 267-377-3517

New York, NY

Office: 347-674-5511

24 Hours: 267-377-3517

Los Angeles, CA

Office: 323-927-4645

24 Hours: 267-377-3517

Muneerah N. Warner 

Funeral Services

228 S. 53rd Street

Philadelphia, PA 19139

Office: 267-460-1114

24 Hours: 267-377-3517

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